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14-Aug-2017 13:02

When the data set changes, you'll need to manually update the data source to see that change. Use the refresh option when you've added, removed, or changed the order of fields in the data set.

There are 3 scenarios in which you might want to update a data source's fields or connections: Refreshing, reconnecting, or resetting a data source can cause significant changes to the data source and any reports that use it. Otherwise, your reports may not show the correct data.

Customizations (VBA code, UI Controls and custom toolbars), graphs, and table window appearance properties are removed from files when you update their data sources using this dialog.

To preserve these, update the data sources in Arc Map instead. The data source is changed, but (at least in the case of an SDE connection) the link is changed to a "database connection", i.e.

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Reconnecting a data source lets you change its data set, while keeping as much of the current configuration as possible.

For example, if you want to add or remove columns from your existing segments, or you want to change the rollup granularity of your segments, you will have to reindex your data.