Amir khan dating katie price race dating david brooks

07-Nov-2017 21:47

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However, writing on Twitter, Khan insisted that such allegations are untrue."Stories about me and Katie price are not true!

We don't msg each ova nonstop and I didn't even see her in Vegas."We just friends I can't believe how everything's twisted! And they made a great couple."In a message directed to Price's Twitter account, Khan added: "When I saw the article today I laughed, its mad how people twist things.

With a huge gash above her eye and glass embedded in her cheek, the brunette was helped into an ambulance by security.

But she claims Amir refused to accompany her amid fears it would get him “bad press”.

But the boxer told the Daily Mirror: “I don’t know why people are saying we’re together because it is absolute, total b*******.

“We’ve never been anything more than friends and we never will be – I am actually dead good mates with Alex.

The model agreed to a dinner date with one of Khan’s entourage, Saj Mohamed, the boxing champ claimed on Twitter.

And the new couple planned to go public, added Khan, 24, who tweeted: ‘Saj admitted they had a lengthy convo and it turns out in the nxt few days they announcing somat.’ Mohamed himself then wrote: ‘Katie is and will always b the love of my life.’ A friend of Price’s later dismissed the talk as ‘lads’ banter’.

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I have lots of nephews and nieces at home anyway so they keep us busy.A glamorous woman partying with Amir Khan claims she was glassed in the face in a nightclub by a “jealous” air hostess.