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The Problem is the original plastic clutch master cylinder on the Mitsubishi Evo X was not engineered to handle the increased pressure exerted by higher strength racing clutches.

The original which is made of plastic, can break when under normal use or even moreso when combined with with an aftermarket clutch eventually splits leaving you stranded without a clutch.

Using the diagrams below connect the 5v output from the ECA to the ECU The Fuel Tank Differential Pressure Sensor ECU Input is PIN 112, it's worth noting that USDM is different from AUDM or EDM, the diagrams below will work for USDM, however for AUDM or EDM you will be required to install a pin into the ECU Wiring harness: You can tap into this in various places, but the "best" would be up near the dash; You should see the C47 conenctor on the left, and that runs straight down and into the tunnel that runs up the left side of the car: Once you have the ECA wired correctly you should be able to log the ECU for 0x80507D (1byte), this is the raw sensor value being picked up by the ECU.

We recognize that the Accesstuner Race software has been a big part of what makes COBB Accessport tuning solutions so powerful and user friendly for the communities we support.

You will then need to connect the 5v analog output of the sensor to the ECU, at the moment we are hooking into the only "available" 5v input left on the ECU, this happens to be currently being used by the Fuel Tank Pressure sensor, which feeds into EVAP.

Since we are overriding the pressure signal for flexfuel we send a fake signal to the EVAP system so that it doesn't complain.

Use "Splash Screen" then "Config File" to install the files.

Since Flex Fuel is the major feature addition to V3 this document will focus on exactly how to utilise it.

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This also means we can alert the driver (by a Check Engine Light) that there is some inconsitancy between the Sensor and ECU, which allows the driver to take action.I forgot when, but at some point it will ask you for a password/code, just input 1234 (in that order).Once the update is done, it will reboot and it'll say update successful and you should have version 9.0.0.This billet aluminum design eliminates the need to cut off the original pedal ball joint to accommodate a heim joint.

It also provides you with the ability to adjust pedal height with ease while safely locking the assembly in seconds.

After evaluating key industry trends and changes in the regulatory environment, we identified the need to update the software and provide expanded training for its use.