Ipw2200 needs updating first contact sample email dating

21-Jan-2018 00:55

Hello Some time ago, I had a issue which cause my notebook to reach over 90C due to a wireless error. If a bug was created with some update, where I can get support, knowing that ipw2200 was abandoned by Intel? Thank you for your answer, But I believe the error was being caused by a really unexpected thing to me: seahorse.

It was caused because there was no adequate module loaded. From what looks like, after some time, the password of the Wi Fi would be requested again, but seahorse window wouldn't open, consequently the connection would be lost because no password was written.

shows that the versions in the various directories are identical.It is a good idea to use from net-misc/dhcp instead of net-misc/dhcpcd as 1.0.0 version is already doing.