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In particular, in the Upper Tribunal, although it was clear that there was an issue about the effect of HC 760 on pending applications, neither the Appellants’ former counsel nor the Senior Home Office Presenting Officer below brought a copy to the hearing, and the UT records that “both representatives agreed that we should examine the law for ourselves”.That is not good enough: tribunals are entitled to expect to be referred at the hearing to the relevant law and to hear submissions on it…For the financial year commencing 1 July 2017, the value of a penalty unit is 8.57.The value of a fee unit is .22 (Government Gazette GG13, 30 March 2017).The State Library of Victoria advises that the subject of this work may include images and names of deceased people; it may also include words and descriptive terms that may be offensive to Indigenous Australians.This work is presented as part of the record of the past; contemporary users should interpret the work within that context. 8 of 2017 – Criminal Diversion Program: Diversion of Koori Accused before their Elders and Respected Persons Background Although people who identify as Koori make up 3 per cent of the Victorian population and 8 per cent of the prison population, only 0.76 per cent of matters referred to the Criminal Justice Diversion Program (CJDP) comprise accused who identify as Koori.

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I would like to express my concern in particular about the failure of both parties’ representatives below (not Mr Malik or Mr Sharland) to ensure that the Tribunals were aware of what transitional provisions were in force as regards the changes to the “seven-year rule”.

I have to say that although both representatives were at fault, in my view the greater responsibility must lie on the Presenting Officer.

I hope some lessons can be learnt from what went wrong in this case. Formerly a full-time Education and Community Care Paralegal at Just for Kids Law, Intern at Hackney Community Law Centre and Legal Caseworker at the AIRE Centre. Previously studied Classics at Worcester College, Oxford.

He added that its benefits go one step further in promoting cohesion between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia, various age groups and sexes.

“But the value of the Koori Knockout is that although it caters for Aboriginal people, it’s also one of the few events that is designed purely for Aboriginal people but not exclusive to Aboriginal people,” said Mr Cromelin.From 6 December 2007 law practices whose matters are governed by the Legal Profession Act 2004 cannot use the penalty interest rate for their accounts.

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