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14-Jan-2018 02:23

I thought I would address some of the fundamentals regarding how the addiction is sustained by the addict, or what I call the “start-stop relapse cycle.” Eric is a 46-year-old computer programmer who described how hard it was for him to go “cold turkey” from cybersex during work. I feel comfortable there, and I typically find a good partner quickly.I always think about cybersex when I feel stressed from work and overwhelmed on the job.Each time I log off after cybersex, I promise myself that I will never do it again.I hate myself for all the wasted time I spent online and quickly try to catch up on the lost work.Playground, a two-person play, will be performed at the New Museum at 7 PM on October 4, 2013, as part of the Rhizome Commissions program.MY FAMILY GOT AOL when I was in seventh grade, and as soon as I found the chat rooms, I was obsessed. I didn’t have access to sexual education, so AOL opened up a whole world for me.

My play and my e-book both deal with this time in my life, and focus on the same cybersex relationship. She’s twelve when she finds a chat room called “Twelve,” which is a community mostly of kids around her own age.

I am getting asked more about cybersex and online pornography addiction from therapists.

He seems like a nice guy, but you’re not really sure where you stand with him.… continue reading »

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